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Live Like A Hero…Rave Long Enough to Dance Like A Villain

Live Like A Hero…Rave Long Enough to Dance Like A Villain


The Fall months are usually my favorite time of the year as the weather gets cooler and the events come in greater numbers.  I can already say that this year is no exception as lots of events have taken place in a matter of a month.  For those that live in San Antonio, I’m sure you know about the intensity that is Alamo City Comic Con.  This year was my first year going; and despite only being…

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The Official Grand Opening

The Official Grand Opening

Good evening Nightkids!  Some of you may have stumbled here before and others I may have just told you about it; some of you may have seen many different incarnations of this website and some have seen this form of a website for a while.  Well today I mark it the official grand opening of the NEW

In the last 10 years, I have maintained two root websites, my anime club that became…

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